Protein arrays

Combine any number of plots to study your protein array data in the easiest way. Visualize connections and experience instant feedback.


Protein arrays are established as a powerful means to detect proteins and monitor their expression levels. Protein arrays have become one of the most active areas emerging in biotechnology. The objective behind protein array development is to achieve efficient and sensitive high throughput protein analysis.

With Qlucore Omics Explorer, the researcher can examine and analyze data from protein array experiments. 

Key functionality:

  • Investigate any structures in the data by using variance filtering combined with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and hierarchical clustering.
  • Perform statistical tests using ANOVA to enhance results.
  • Generate a list of proteins that classifies data based on a selection of statistical tests: F-test, t-tests or regression.
  • Work with Variable PCA plots to find correlation and networks among selected proteins.

Easy data import

Qlucore Omics Explorer supports many data file formats. Import can be done in several ways, with or without normalization. 

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Case studies

Qlucore analysis of transcriptomic data

The study includes working with data from more than 400 arrays. Visualization is used in the effort to understand the human growth process.

University of Manchester, UK

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Interpreting Leukemia proteomics with Qlucore

In this case study Qlucore Omics Explorer is used to generate new ideas and hypotheses through exploration and analysis of proteomics data.

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, US

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Analysis of proteomics data using Qlucore

Using proteomics to understand cardiovascular disease

The Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences, Boston, US

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RNA-seq case study

RNA-Seq analysis using Qlucore

Performing gene expression analysis based on RNA sequencing data, in Dilated Cardiomyopathy studies.

Stanford University, US

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