Qlucore Diagnostics

A software platform supporting precision diagnostics from sample to patient.




With the Qlucore Diagnostics software platform we support precision diagnostics from sample to patient. The combination of visualization with best in class methods solve many challenges. It assists the lab technician in their work with clear and easy to understand steps and outcome. It helps the pathologist with in depth analysis capabilities. The physician gets richer information and results and a platform for patient communication.

In all steps, visualization is combined with best in class machine learning models.

The Qlucore Diagnostics software platform is a flexible framework for building classifier models in combination with super-fast visualization. Qlucore Diagnostics software platform use the architecture and experience of Qlucore Omics Explorer.

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Your value using Qlucore Diagnostics

LabratoryFor labratory:

Cost efficient and easy to use platform with high degree of inbuilt visualization support. Fast processing and fast analysis to shorten turn-around times. Scalable for multiple tests and data types.

testFor assay or instrument manufacturer:

Scalable software platform optimized for building different diagnostics solutions using state of art machine learning. Co-operations supported with experts in machine learning and mathematics/statistics.

Diagnostics For pharma/biotech:

A software platform that can handle more complex precision diagnostics tasks. Very flexible and scalable underlying classifier solution that can be adjusted to clinical studies.

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