Qlucore and Nebion team up to deliver improved analysis options

We are teaming up with Nebion and making it easier for users to use the combination of Qlucore Omics Explorer and Genevestigator. This is an excellent combination for investigating RNA-seq gene expression data. 

Qlucore Omics Explorer provides easy-to-use statistical tools and state of the art visualization, empowering biologists to analyze their own data and achieve high quality results and conclusions. Genevestigator brings structure to public expression data and can be used to view gene lists in a biological context, obtain insight to expression patterns and help design the next experiment.  The combination of Qlucore Omics Explorer and Genevestigator allows users to easily analyze and interpret RNA-Seq experiments, both individually and in the light of publicly available expression data. 

Learn more about how you can benefit from using the combination of Qlucore and Genevestigator here and in our upcoming webinar on March 6. 




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