Gene Fusion Workbench

Fusion genes are established disease drivers in several cancer types. Detection of fusion genes using RNA-seq technologies can be done with several tools and pipelines. The Gene Fusion Workbench, including the circle plot, enables easy analysis and visualization of detected fusion genes.

The Gene Fusion Workbench is a flexible way for analysis of detected fusion genes and it is included as an integrative part of the NGS module in Qlucore Omics Explorer and is included in Qlucore Diagnostics. Input data is provided either from Star Fusion or Fusion Catcher pipelines.  


circle plot

The workbench is shipped with the Mitelman and the Tumor Fusion reference data bases. By combing filters of various type such as presence in the reference data bases and quality, detection of both novel and well-established fusions is straightforward. The fusions can be thoroughly examined in the genome browser and visualized in the Circle plot for a great overview. 

Key functionalities:

  • Gene fusion discovery. Investigate new and not only known gene fusions.
  • Filtering options to quickly sort and navigate the gene fusions.
  • Comparison with data bases. Each detected gene fusion is compared to Mitelman, TumorFusions data bases.
  • Well-annotated view of the genetic context including directional information
  • Full sequence available including breakpoint.

The Gene Fusion Workbench requires Next Generation Sequensing module.

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"Analyze gene fusions with extensive functionality in the Gene Fusion Workbench"

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